Basic Warranty

Globaltechdevices is primarily a reseller and a distributor; we do not manufacture any of the products by ourselves.

GlobaltechDevices is an international website that features a wide variety of products from various companies. All these items come with guarantees and warranty policies provided by their respective manufacturers, so buyers should make sure they're aware which company's responsibility falls on them if something goes wrong. However, we are here to consult and provide maximum support in this perspective.

Globaltechdevices provides a platform for sellers to list their products and services, but we're not responsible if they break anything or sell fake stuff. We only guarantee that all registered members have proper licenses on our site so there's no chance of getting scammed from them. Globaltechdevices does not offer warranties for any products or services sold on our website, and we are not responsible if you purchase an item that is damaged during shipping.

It is imperative to understand that we at GlobalTechDevices makes no claim when it comes to the warranty, and we are not responsible for the following scenarios:

  1. Performance of the product.
  2. The safety of the device and security after installation.

By downloading or installing anything on your computer, you are agreeing that the responsibility of maintaining its performance lies solely with you. We cannot guarantee our product's effectiveness in improving device performance and assume no liability for any damages resulting from use thereof.

Maintaining updated software is essential to keeping systems running smoothly; however, it can be difficult when new releases come out suddenly without warning. This agreement dismisses all claims related to altered system functions caused by third party applications installed onto computers through websites such as APK Mirror which daily provides access Printer Drivers & other essential drivers needed daily while using various devices.

We'll always keep our commitments, but it's important that you know what they are. We won't make any verbal agreements unless it is specifically mentioned in the contract terms and conditions.

We as an organization under no condition will be responsible for any damage or accident caused during the installation of the device or usage of the device.