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This Agreement was last modified on 6th August 2022

By using the Global Tech Devices website, you agree to our terms and conditions. These rules will help ensure that your experience on this site is enjoyable! The following list contains some important information about how things work here at Globaltechdevices.com. You can find out more by clicking through each point or reading them in full below:

By using our website, you agree to follow the terms and conditions of use on this site including but not limited to our privacy policy. We also have other guidelines which we may update from time-to-time so it's best if to just mention them here in case anything changes or goes up without warning!

By using our service, you are consenting to any updates made after GlobalTechDevices.

You must be at least 13 years old in order for us connect with your account and post data about yourself on the website and minors under this age cannot participate or use information posted by others.

The GlobalTechDevices Rules & Regulations include:

Rights to use, Agreement, and User Privilege

Globaltechdevices grants you the full right and authorization to access, use our website for any non-commercial purchases or selling. However, we do not allow users perform certain actions such as:

We protect your rights by only allowing those who have been granted permission from Global Tech Devices Ltd., which owns all legal copyright on this material.

  1. Reselling the website or the content of the website.
  2. Prohibits using its product listings, names, specs and pricing unless specifically authorized.
  3. Plagiarizing, reproduced content or any other form of theft is not allowed.
  4. Restrains the advancement of robotics, data analysis and extraction.
  5. Globaltechdevices' actions and methods, interface as well the content is protected by US copyright law and International Law convention has been implemented to maintain these rights in a way that ensures protection for all participants.
  6. The user should not use the website for any illegal or inappropriate purposes. They may not duplicate, reproduce, mimic it sell themselves on this site either by making copies of their own images/videos etc.
  7. GlobalTechDevices reserves the right to determine who may use its logo and trademarks. You must get permission from Global Tech devices before using any of these images on your site or print materials. In addition, if you link directly to one our webpages without first getting an agreement (hyperlinking), then please ensure that it is only temporary so as not cause any disruption with their business operations.
  8. Hyperlinks are limited to one page of the website, and you must include an exception for this link in order not be penalized.
  9. Globaltechdevices will not, under any circumstances engage in dishonest or harsh practices with consumers. We understand that our products are an investment for you and we strive to provide a positive experience from start-to finish.

Items Listings

Globaltechdevices provides customers with all of the information they need to know about their products, including descriptions and prices. They also provide links for compatibility references as well as other relevant data on this website so that there is no confusion or misconception when making a purchase decision.

The Globaltechdevices website is given solely for informational purposes and does not imply sponsorship of any supplied goods or services. We apologize if you find an error on our site, but cannot guarantee accuracy in all posts/Links provided from third parties outside sources like Google search results.

Our goal at "Globaltechdevices" is to make sure each person gets access to accurate information about their products so they can buy with confidence.

The company reserves the right to refuse orders made for affected products or services and, as a result immediately check prices.

Link to websites and companies

In order to help consumers, make informed decisions, our website offers links (hyperlinks) that lead them directly or indirectly on-site through third party sites like blogs and analysis services. These resources are only used as aids in assisting you with your purchase decision; we do not accept any responsibility if they end up costing anything.

The hyperlink will point towards an external site which might contain information related specifically about this product/service at hand but isn't limited only because it can also cover other related products too.

The Corporation does not in any way equate these connections with endorsing the information on the third-party website or their business methods.


When you place an order with Globaltechdevices, we will send out a confirmation email that includes your tracking number. The notice serves just as record of what was purchased and its price; it is not contract nor does this serve approval for the purchase to happen! Once approved by us at GTE our fulfillment team handles shipping off all orders so they can reach their destination quickly without hassle. We want everyone who shops here feel confident knowing exactly where things are located within seconds using pinpoint accuracy.

Globaltechdevices has the right to cancel or restrict your order for any reason that may not be revealed.

Globaltechdevices has absolutely no control or authority over any of the organizations connected to its website, nor can it guarantee your safety when accessing them. The Company makes no representations as far as monitoring goes for this site and therefore cannot take responsibility in case something happens on their part regarding product purchases made through these pages.


If a dispute arises between the terms of this contract, then it shall be resolved by whichever court has jurisdiction over that issue. The parties agree to submit any legal proceedings under their agreement or otherwise held in local courts with annual sessions conducted on behalf of both sides at mutually agreed upon times so long as these locations offer capacity for hearing cases within 30 days from date scheduled without denial.

Central Law and Control

The laws of the United States shall govern any disputes relating to this arrangement.

Legal Fees

Fair legal fees or other associated costs must be recovered when civil actions, mediations, or prosecutions are conducted in accordance with the clarifications or enforcement of this Agreement, or regarding the interests of a Defendant, as a result of any perceived violation of the Agreement, wrongdoing or disagreement, effective misconduct, or the principal Party.

Customer Order for Dropship products

By ordering items from our company, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions set forth in this contract. The customer warrants that they have obtained permission from any third party who will use their goods before we ship them off for delivery or pickup-and if not granted said authorization then there is no point in sending anything over.


Globaltech agrees that any conflicting terms and conditions in customer orders must be addressed directly with them. However, if you are using our guidelines for approval then both Global Tech approved guides apply--the TCUS documentations do not take priority over these policies.

Money Security Interest

Globaltechdevices is granted a continuous buying money protection interest as security on all timely or overdue payments in any payable sum from customer purchases.

Globaltechdevices will provide the customer with access to all records and equipment so that they can fully enforce their Protection Inter Drives. Customers must enter Globaltechdevices to complete financial statements, any changes, or continuity statements, and pay the same filing costs upon timely request.

Cash Back

Please carefully review our return policy so that you may interchange or return the Globaltechdevices product you bought if there is a problem.

Free CCIE Support

We have a comprehensive program for client assistance with technology and professional development. You can contact us by phone, email or through live chat to get the help you need.

Payment and shipping security

We know that our clients have confidence in us, and we want to keep it this way. That's why no matter the size or complexity of your project - from small businesses with just one computer needing help up through large corporations who are looking at data loss scenarios on a global level-you can count on VeriSign Services and MacAfee security are among the core authorizations that we have verified.


The company's intellectual property rights are not reflected in any manner on its websites.

100% Price Match Promise: Warranty Information

Globaltech devices strives to provide you with the lowest possible commodity costs and offers a complete assurance that our rates will never match those of competition.

Free technical assistance

Get in touch with our customer support helpline and receive the training for free. Use Cisco experts to teach you, because we are all equipped to train you.

100% Quality Assurance

To ensure the high-quality service our customers expect, every item in a shipment is inspected before it leaves our warehouse. We never want you to get stuck with an imitation.