Shipping condition and Policy

Why isn’t my FEDex number working? What is wrong with the number.

We ship all of our orders simultaneously to ensure that they arrive as quickly and efficiently for you! If there are any issues with your order, just let us know-we will take care everything from here. If you notice that your package has been damaged or broken during shipping, please contact the courier service immediately.

What if I am not at my place or unavailable and the package is delivered then what will happen in this scenario.

It's best to let your delivery driver know that you'll be away before he arrives so there is no confusion about where exactly do I need go. You can leave a note for him inside or on the front doorstep, depending what type of building it is located in; then check if anything needs rescheduling by visiting their website and enter through number provided upon sign up with USPS - this will allow time adjustments until next pickup.

Do I have the change to pick up my order directly?

Sure, you can. Just contact our customer service team and they’ll walk with selecting your order for pickup yourself!

Do global tech devices offer international shipping?

We are proud to offer international shipping all around the world, but we cannot control how much customs will cost. The customer must make any additional payments for this service themselves.

Will globaltechdevices will pay for my order if my package is found to be damaged or defective?

Globaltechdevices is not responsible for the damaged or defect of products and we usually put forward terms that customers agree upon; once the mutual terms are decided, the procedure proceeds further.

  1. Terms of Free Standard Shipping. We offer free standard shipping on all orders, which means that if your order is non-defective we’ll deduct the cost of delivery from its total value. In case you need to expedite services for some reason (i e., an urgent situation), please contact our customer support team so they can adjust accordingly.