Return and refund Policy

Globaltechdevices is here to help you if your purchase ends up being flawed, incompatible or not what was expected. In order for an exchange and/or refund though most of our products require specific standards that need adhering too so please read carefully before purchasing.

Some of the items offered for sale on our website fall under a replacement part category. You must act swiftly within the timeframe (specified or by sales agent) in order to exchange these kinds of things, but you might miss your chance at doing so. In any situation, you must get a valid RMA first.

(All RMA numbers are valid for only the first 10 days from the date of issuance)

Shipping an incorrect Item/ received a wrong item and product is not working

There are certain items that we cannot refund. If you receive an item and it doesn't work properly, or the wrong size has been shipped to you then don't waste time getting in touch with us - just let them go! Some products allow exchanges only so make sure this is clear when ordering online.

If you receive a product that isn’t working properly or has been incorrectly shipped within the first 10 days of delivery, then contact our customer service team immediately to initiate an exchange.

If the product, that comes with the "Free Standard Shipping, is returned, GlobalTechdevices bear the return shipping expenses?

This issue is addressed in our shipping details and you can refer that when you have issues with that Discontinued, Back-Order, or Out-of-Stock

If an item on our website is not available, GlobalTechDevices has the right to cancel your order. If you have any difficulties with this matter then please contact us immediately so we can solve those problems for you.

Globaltechdevices always strives to provide our customers with the highest quality products. In case you're having problems finding an identical replacement, we will either send out a new item or give your money back based on what market value it has now - no more than cost of first invoice.

Can I order a different product in exchange for my RMA product?

You can submit a request for an exchange RMA if your product's warranty term is still active and it isn't functioning properly.

To be eligible, you must follow these steps:

  1. Print or email this form.
  2. Include shipping addres.
  3. State reason why we should send out another one.
  4. Sign & date below.
  5. Date/Time Receipt.

Must I return each attachment when I RMA something?

In order to complete your return, we require that you send back all of the accessories which came with your purchase for - this includes original packaging and any other materials used in shipping or delivery as well! We cannot accept returns on incomplete orders so make sure everything is included before sending it off.

How long does it take for credit to show up on a debit or credit card?

In most cases, the credit we provide (for refunds) will appear on your banking records within 5 days. However, it can take up to 14 working days in certain circumstances such as weekends and holidays which is why you'll receive a personal letter updating you about where things are at with processing time once every 20th day after sending us an email or reaching out by phone call."


Globaltechdevices is committed to making sure that your satisfaction with us reaches 100%. If you experience any difficulties in returning an item, please contact our customer support team so they can help guide through the process. We'll also keep records of all communication between ourselves and QA teams when it comes time for a reimbursement or not; this way there won't be anything left out.

Please be aware that it may take some time for your bank or credit card provider to complete and deposit the refunds